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i'm sorry mom
Thursday, November 24, 2011 | 2 Budak Comel |

hello readers
how are you ?
good i hope :')

before i'll start this entry
i wanna say sorry first to my mom
i don't know what i did that make her mad at me so much
but i wanna say sorry to her
i'm only human 
that always makes problems and wrong things
i'm sorry from the bottom of my heart
forgive me mom

today was my science paper
it feels so hard to answer when your mind not in to it
i only think about what i did to her
i cannot focus at that paper
but i try as hard as it took
it's make my head pain
and i don't know why
maybe because i'm not
a good person huh ?

back home
my father ask me
what did i do that makes my mother really mad at me
i just look at him
and walk to my room

just now
i saw my mom outside
she's watching tv w/h my little brother
you know what ?
she don't even say any words to me
even look at me
i feel like i'm nothing to her

if you read this
please forgive me
i'm so sorry for what i did yesterday 
i'm sorry mom
even you always angry at me always scream at me
deep inside of you i know
you always love me right mom

lastly from your beloved daughter

Thanks for reading :)

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