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Traveling or should I say I went travel >~<
Sunday, February 25, 2018 | 1 cute earthling |

Hello guys and girls. I'm so sorry for being inactive this past weeks. I've been busy *lies* and lazy to update new things and I actually went travel to jeng jeng jeng!!!!! Medan, Indonesia.

I did promised to take pictures and here it is. 

Day 1 was pretty exhausting and we arrived at Berastagi almost at 1am. The struggle was real >.< Jammed along the way and I got motion sickness with me T.T That place is where we stayed for one day and it's so pretty. Don't really got the chance to take lot's pic there because we were rushing that time.

See that mount? It's pretty right? That mount just erupted few days ago. Yes it still active when we were there. This mount name is Sinabung. It was such a lovely view and I really love how the sky was very clear that time. 

Day 1, this beauty is sipiso piso waterfall. So pretty and to get the perfect pic you have to pay the price. Not cash tho just you have to walk down the staircase till you reach the checkpoint. I didn't went all the way tho because we don't have much time. But I managed to take a beautiful pic and also one for Jean's owner ^.^

It's like we traveling together 

Day 1, from sipiso piso view. That's Lake Toba. It's pretty and that was our next stop. I was speechless that time because it was so pretty. I really enjoy the view and the place. I would like to go again next time. Maybe with you :')

Day 1, almost there guys! Look at that view. Lake Toba is so huge. It's so pretty and I love it. This place was our last checkpoint before we arrived at our second hotel. We were having a blast this time and took lots of selfies. 

Day 1, presenting the back of the owner >.< I was so scared that time. We need to climb stairs ON TREE to get the perfect view. Was worth it! I'm loving ever inch of it lol. The air was nice, cold and sunny at the same time. I was thinking about you ehh I mean enjoying the view while thinking about you. 

That was the day 1 update. There's more on our next update so don't miss it out >~< Once again I'm sorry for the late update and thank you for staying here with me. I will make sure to visit you guys and leave lots of love ^.^ Till again

Thanks for reading :)

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