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Tuesday, May 29, 2018 | 0 cute earthling |

hello there beautiful. I've been away for long since it's my final semester. Finally I'm done with school and now I'm a free person ^.^ oh wait. I still have one more paper to go T.T 

So it's been a really long month for me. I don't really understand what I'm doing either. Sometimes I just wanna escape this town and go far far away. But sometimes I just wanna stay at home and do nothing at all like how I'm doing right now. Yeah It's pretty boring actually.

Recently I've been feeling down and kinda sad. Few days back I saw something also but I promise I'll be fine. I'm happy for you and wish you for never ending bliss in life. I'm happy that your family are getting back together and I'm so grateful for those memories. I'm not gonna be touchy I promise. I'm just happy that everything fall to place where it should be :)

Wondering what they say everything happen for a reason and yeah. As long everyone is happy and I'm happy too. Don't forget me in your prayers. I'll find them soon. Peace and comfort.

Thanks for reading :)

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