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Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | 3 cute earthling |

Hello beautiful. I hope you have a good day today. I've made a change here and there today. Kinda off with the music selection >.< Sorry! But I hope you like it.

I was about to put the add link here but I forgot the coding. I will look out for it again later. I'm just too lazy to do it right now plus this bed just too comfy! Talking bout it there's this person says we should merge our bed. Yeah -.- merge those bed. 

I've done that before anyways when I stayed at my old dormitory. Near with my friends because someone was a scaredy cat not me and can't sleep because she's too afraid to be alone. Poor her. Hope she become a little brave today. I really don't like the beds in our old dorm because it's so shaky and makes funny noises. Even when you moved a little that bed would make a creaking noise and that's scary! I'm not the scaredy cat >.>

I remembered the first week when I started to lived in dorm with strangers. I don't really care that much but I'm a very active person when it comes to sleeping on bed. I moved a lot before because it was so uncomfortable. Plus it's not my bed that I usually use at home. 

Day two at the dorm I already making memories that I would never forget all my life *plus till now they still tease me about it*. Because I can't sleep that time and was too uncomfortable I tossed around a lot more to find a perfect position so I could fall asleep. BUT suddenly, because I was moving around too much I've slipped and fall. I fall down from my bed and it's hurt >.< It wasn't just an ordinary fall. I fall and made a loud noises till I woke them all up >3<

The next morning my senior asked me about it. When I told her the story she laughed and tease me. She teased me a lot until the whole third floor know about the incident -.- In a very short time they made me famous! Thanks sis. Even the warden knows about it >.<  There's a lot things happened back then even the most embarrassing one also happened there. It's a secret of mine that I keep bury deep down but they still bring it up sometimes.

All the memories. I cherished it forever. 

and hey, I guess merging our bed would be nice. Who knows that scaredy cat might be me :P

Thanks for reading :)

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