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Friday, January 12, 2018 | 1 cute earthling |

Hello lovely. How are you today? It's a long day for me. Early in the morning my little brother already throwing his tantrum -.- He's been crying till my mom had to bring him with her to school. I like always doing the house work stuff. Kinda look like Tamako-chan running around the house and keeping the game alive. Yeah I play games too like all the time. There's this game I've been playing almost a year already and I would like to recommend you guys. It's a fun and cute game with a good graphic but still need lots of improvement. Overall it's a fun game and other ways for you to interact with people around the world.

I started play this game was on February 2016 and it had a lot upgrades till now. It's a war game and had different cities too. I play on multiple city before but now I just focused on one because it takes a lot of time to grow if you have too many account T.T rip me indeed. You can find this game on your play store. For those who likes anime probably would love this game. It's kinda like highschool of the dead for me. The pink hair girl on this game and also from HSOTD kinda the same even though they got different name and face *I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say* >.< I'm just an anime freak alert -.- I hope you don't mind.

Back to running around the house, I was alone till 10 or 11 am and my mom suddenly went back home because she can't stand that my little brother won't stop crying and keep on following her everywhere. Well that kid just want attention and affection I guess. He only go to me when my parents went to work while he still asleep -.- such a crybaby and a picker. 

Sometimes I had to do work while keeping my eye on him. I had to lock the front door so he won't go outside and put his fav cartoon on the TV to keep him calm -.- I'm so grateful for this training mom. Love you but it's too much -.- It's not that I don't like kid. I like babies but a kid nope. I will forever not ready for this >.>

Anyways, I finally getting used to this even though sometimes it tasted my patience. Not just a little but a lot.  I'm only human with a rather faint wee will to do all this things alone. I really respect those single mom out there who manage to do this things alone. Faith that all we need. Have a good day. Until next time :)

Thanks for reading :)

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