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Monday, September 17, 2018 | 0 cute earthling |

hello hello everyone! I'm so sorry that I haven't update anything since forever! >.< gomen 
well it's not like I'm busy or doing anything in real life >.> 
we still don't have Wi-Fi at our new house T.T gomen gomen gomen
and of course I do have cell data >.> but that was enough to play mobile game only. Well it's not really that important but well yeah kinda used to it. Already addicted to them :P

This past few months I've been doing nothing at all so I'm kinda getting puffy >.< NO! The only one things that I won't admit forever meow T.T
Oh and I'm trying to find a job since and went here and there and blablabla..long story short, I'm a bum that trying to find a job for a living :v can't stop the power of money. 

It's been a rough month and rough time for me. Feeling a lot pressures inside out. Being awake so late at night is not a problem but it's bad for your health. Yet here I am still doing it. Bad habits hard to let go. I keep things shut inside my mind the whole time. They say talk it overrated so I write. *that's from a song btw*

I sometimes wonder if my parents truly understand me. If they truly mean it when they say words like 'disappointment'. I know sometimes words slipped from the mouth. You can't control your mouth when you are too emotional. Can't think rationally. I am trying my best living my life to the fullest. I am doing my best to make them proud of me. But sometimes I felt I'm just not good enough. Not good enough because they say so.

wait....this isn't supposed to be a sad entry tho..things happened and now I'm fine again. I'm just grateful being alive and have friends who cares. Well even though I didn't say anything about it to them. I do have some people who I like talking with. Just like this person who you can trust your story with, your thoughts and your blablabla complaining about some random shit. *ups*

Here's some advice that you need to remember dear self. Be strong, take a deep breath and hype yourself up when you feeling down.  

You can't reach their expectations if you can't satisfy yours.  

Don't stop yourself from doing great things just because of some insecurities. Just keep saying to yourself how awesome you are and how you will conquer the world. 

There are always more than one points of view. You decide from which one you are watching. Either your's or their's.

Awesome words right? I was in awe when I read them again. Such a strong words from that person. You are more matured than your age :P I'm feeling like a little kid again when I'm talking with you. It's a good feelings. I like talking. Not gonna say the name cause you might somehow read this. Too much moe moe will make me pinkish.

That's all update for now. I'll write again next time. xoxo mio


Thanks for reading :)

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